Response Statistics & Standby Hours

Community Service and the Cost Savings

HCVFA’s passionate and dedicated volunteer members serve our community around-the-clock. Review our response stats and standby hours to learn how much we save our county residents and businesses. The following numbers are high-level stats from the most recent full year for which metrics are available.


# of Responses


Volunteer Hours


Value of Services Provided*

*Volunteer response time only. Overhead not included in this figure.

Norrisville Volunteer Fire Company

Harford County Volunteer Fire and Emergency Medical Services Association (HCVFA)1,500 Harford County Volunteer Fire & EMS volunteers are busy responding to approximately 8,000 fire and 25,000 EMS calls annually. Their selfless service to a population of 256,000, across Harford County’s 527-square miles, is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without salary.

The HCVFA recorded over 32,485 combined formal training hours in 2019.

HCVFA’s average response time is 6.34 minutes and meets the National Fire Protection Association’s guidelines for a suburban zone. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting these standards as we serve our county residents and businesses.

We cannot operate alone and are continually looking for support from our amazing community. If you have time to spare, we’d love for you to join our ranks and assist your neighbors in their time of need. We understand that everyone has many commitments and the time needed to become a volunteer is daunting, but consider supporting us monetarily in the form of a tax-deductible donation. Your support helps us continue our dedicated service by providing the needed tools, equipment, and housing required for Harford County.

Manpower by Major Category

Total manhours by year, for the last five years.


Dollar Value of Services Provided (Millions)

Dollar value of volunteer hours provided by year, for the last five years.
Figures do not include additional overhead costs.