Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company

About the Department

The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company is an organization dedicated to providing quality fire and EMS to the citizens of Whiteford, Cardiff, Pylesville and Street areas. We also provide mutual aid to the surrounding Mason-Dixon line communities that include Airville, Bel Air, Darlington, Delta, Fawn Grove, Jarrttesville, Norrisville, Rawlinsville, and Stewartstown.

Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company

Key Stats

85 Active Fire/EMT Volunteers
6,500 Population Area
33 Square Miles of Vast Rural/Historic District

Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company

Membership Classifications

Whiteford VFC currently has five types of classifications of membership, with each having specific minimum requirements, for community members who would like to join.

Minimum Requirements for Membership:

  • You must be 18 years or older Cadets must be 16 years to 18 years old.
  • You must be a high school graduate or posses a G.E.D. with the exception of being:
  • Probationary members that are enrolled in high school or have written consent from their parents or legal guardian(s) and a work permit

Active Member
Is a person who participates in Fire or EMS duties and meets the requirements of a regular member.

Probationary Member
Is a person who recieves 2/3 votes of acceptance from the Active membership and shall be on probation for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of acceptance.

Is a person between the age of 16 to 18, who has provided proof of age, a work permit with the application, written consent of the parents or legal guardian(s) and a doctor’s statment certifying applicant’s ability to phyically participate in Company activites.

Affiliate Member
Is a member wishing to provide a service or function to the Whiteford VFC. This person is not required to meet the requirements of the Harford Pension System.

Fire Police
Is a person of 18 years of age and would responsible for providing security at emergency scene or event. This includes traffic direction, scene security, & maintaining safety for emergency personnel. All personnel involved must complete the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI) Fire Police course.

Based on the classification of membership you are required to make certain percentage of responses, drills, training, community events, and fundraisers.

Services Provided

  • Fire
  • EMS

Benefits Offered

Being a volunteer with a Harford County Fire/EMS department brings with it many benefits including a healthy state income tax deduction, a LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) with retirement benefits, scholarship opportunities, professional development and leadership training and much more.


Contact Whiteford VFC

1407 Pylesville Road
Whiteford, Maryland 21160

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