Harford County Volunteer Fire/EMS Membership Benefits

Joppa-Magnolia Vol. Fire Co. & Community Impact

Maryland Tax Credit, Retirement Program, Great Experience … Just to Name a Few

The real reward is how you’ll feel about yourself — but that’s just the beginning.

Being a volunteer with a Harford County Fire/EMS department brings with it many benefits including a healthy state income tax deduction, a LOSAP (Length of Service Award Program) with retirement benefits, scholarship opportunities, professional development and leadership training and much more.

Check out an overview of the many benefits below to learn more. Please note that benefits vary by department so please ask for specific information when you speak with the recruiter.

Free Training & Professional Development

Whether you have tons of Fire/EMS experience or a rookie fresh to public safety, we offer numerous basic to advanced fire, rescue, EMS & leadership courses through county, state and federal programs — plus individual departments typically offer even more.

These courses are free of charge to active members of the department and offer opportunity for progression through our operational roles and ranks. Classes are conveniently in the region you are volunteering, with schedules to meet just about anyone’s needs — including nights and weekends.

Maryland Tax Incentives

You may be a volunteer but that doesn’t mean there are not financial incentives. Maryland residents receive up to $7,000 tax credit after three years of active service with a volunteer fire/EMS department in Maryland.

Judy Hinch Benevolence Fund

The Judy Hinch Benevolence Fund was established in 2019 in memory of the first female firefighter at the Aberdeen Fire Department. Later becoming an EMT, then paramedic, and supervisor in her 44-years serving citizens of Harford County. The fund offers county volunteer members in good standing the basic necessities of life during times of hardship. This may include utilities, rent, lodging food, medical expenses, transportation, and so forth.

Donate to the Judy Hinch Benevolent Fund HERE!

For more information or to obtain an application email adminoffice@hcvfa.org or call (443) 617-3063.


Wills for Heroes

Qualifying members of the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA) have the opportunity to receive a free last will and testament from the MSFA.

A Second Family Like No Other

When you walk in the door of a volunteer firehouse in Harford County, you’ll be home. You are not just a volunteer with a great organization with an important mission serving the community. You’ll find a second family waiting for you. Give back to your community in the process — neighbors helping neighbors.

Scholarships & Tuition Reimbursement

Local foundations, Harford County, the HCVFA, as well as individual fire, rescue, and EMS companies thereof, offer a variety of scholarships to members of the county’s volunteer fire, rescue, and EMS service, with lifetime awards as much as $20,000.

LOSAP / Retirement Program

The Length of Service Award Program provides a retirement benefit to volunteers at 50 years old with 25 years of qualifying service, or at age 70 with 10 to 24 years of service.

Even More Benefits ...

Many Harford County fire/EMS departments offer additional benefits ranging from in-station bunkroom programs that allow trained Firefighter/EMTs to live at the firehouse full-time in exchange for providing service to the community – to more tuition reimbursement options, flexible shifts, members events and more. Ask your department’s recruiter about what they offer!

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