Maryland LOSAP – Length of Service Award Program

The Harford County-funded LOSAP provides a monthly award starting at 55 years old with 25 years of qualifying service with a volunteer fire, rescue or EMS department, or at age 70 with 10 to 24 years of service.

Benefits are calculated at $12 per month for the first 25 years of service and $6 per month for each year in excess of 25. The maximum monthly benefit, payable as a life annuity, is $450, with the 50 percent survivor benefit to a spouse. In addition, the pension plan provides a $5,000 burial benefit and benefits for disability.

Volunteers receive a base payment of $300 a month, which goes up depending on total service time. The $450 monthly cap is reached with 50 years of service.

Volunteers qualify for the retirement benefit by earning 50 points each year. The bulk of the points come from responding to fire and EMS calls. Points also can be earned by participating in meetings, training, and providing support services to the company.

Service time and points are not transferable from county to county.

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